Private Touring throughout Australia

Guests new to the area, or haven’t been back in years, who are looking for a general introduction to local history, culture and lifestyle. Often those interested in an appreciation of the essentials of the area before they explore on their own or return home from a convention or cruise. Also includes locals who wish to gain a better understanding of their home town, or have friends visiting.

This is a small group tour with a maximum of 12 passengers to share your experience with. Our Australia tours run daily and you will be picked up and returned you to your hotel.

Included: Local knowledgeable guide, luxury vehicle, exploration of key landmarks, essential attractions and personalized areas of interest

TYPICAL DURATION: 5 hours / 7 Hours / 9 hours

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Seasoned visitors or milestone celebrators who are interested in investing time to gain a thorough understanding of the various diverse neighborhoods, or a very specific local topic of interest such as an insider perspective on the arts, gastronomy, and history. Often includes a half day exploring the city, a taste of authentic cuisine, and then the other half of the day enjoying a private excursion or attraction. May include introductions to local subject matter experts, or the planning of accompanying special celebratory events.

Included: Private knowledgeable guide, private luxury vehicle, luxury exploration of specified attractions and/or landmarks focusing on personalised areas of interest.

TYPICAL DURATION: 4 hours / 8 hours

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Travelers who recognise the engaging options within, and beyond, their destination city and wish to take their time thoroughly exploring the alternatives. These full, and multi-day excursions can be as creative, adventuresome, and exploratory as you envision. Often multi-generational families, bucket-listers or corporate incentive groups who desire an exhaustive and meticulous plan for meaningful discovery.

Included: Private knowledgeable guide, private luxury vehicle, exploration of key landmarks, essential attractions and personalised areas of interest. An intensive engagement, meal(s), thorough city overview and outlying regional exploration.

TYPICAL DURATION: 8 – 10 hours

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Step 1 – Learning more about you

It begins with a conversation. Tell us when you’re coming, who your travel companions are, and what brings you to our lovely city. Share your hopes for your experience, the times you have available, and your budget expectations. Through further conversations we’ll delve deeper into what makes you tick so we can manage your expectations and customize your itinerary.

Step 2 – Meeting your budget, time and experience expectations

Starting rates are competitively valued for a half-day (4 continuous hours), and for a full-day (8 continuous hours) including a custom itinerary, and an experienced fully qualified guide to host you the entire time in luxury transportation. All incidentals are quoted separately, and gratuities are at your discretion. Larger groups require a larger vehicle(s) thus an increase in rate. Corporate incentive and multi-day excursions rates are quoted on an individual basis. Premiums for national holidays, peak seasonal events or late nights may apply.

Step 3 – Confirming your plans

We’ll ask for a $100 non-refundable deposit (or 50% depending on the scope and scale of the project) so we can get started hand-crafting your unique itinerary. This will be outlined at time of quotation. We’ll process the balance of payment 30 days prior to your arrival.

Step 4 – Finalising the details

You’ll be presented with an overview & budget that is then massaged until you’re fully satisfied with the timing of your day. To ensure your plan is unique and isn’t duplicated by anyone else, many of the individual elements will remain a surprise until you arrive (names of venues, etc.).Your budget will include a flat rate for our time and transportation, as well as an estimate of the anticipated extra costs for meals, entrance fees, etc. so you know what to expect. Alternatively we can include these in the cost of the rate so you don’t have to worry about paying for anything on the day.

Step 5 – Welcome!

You will be picked up in a luxury vehicle suitable to the size of your group where we will accompany you throughout your experience, acting as your personal guides to the city. Remember that every itinerary we design is fully customized and unique to your needs. You have the flexibility to start and end when and where you desire, see what you want to see at your own comfortable pace, and ask as many questions as you like via intelligent, personable conversations.